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SawMaster Diamond Pattern Rim Blades - Natural Stone


Natural Stone Diamond Pattern Rim Blades - Premium Wet or Dry Cutting

The CD Series Diamond Pattern Rim Blades are intended for a single purpose: natural stone cutting. Sharing the same benefit of enhanced air cooling as standard turbo rim blades, the diamond pattern rim also provides one additional service—the ability to deliver smooth, chip-free cutting due to the symmetric rim surface, which results in significantly lower vibrations for profiling-like cuts.

Natural Stone, Hard Materials

These blades contain higher quality diamonds at higher concentrations to allow faster and smoother cuts.

Diameter Rim
Arbor Item
4" 7mm 5/8"~7/8" CD0480R
4.5" 7mm 5/8"~7/8" CD4580R
7" 8mm 5/8"DM7/8" CD0780R
10" 8.5mm 5/8"~7/8" CD1080R
12" 8.5mm 1"~20mm CD1280R
14" 8.5mm 1"~20mm CD1480R