General Purpose Wet Tile Blades - Standard Wet Cutting Only

The CR Series Wet Continuous Rim Diamond Blades are one of the best in the industry and very cost effective. The blades are best used for cutting tile, brick, and other natural stone. The aid of water cooling is critical to reduce dust and extend the life of the blade.

Tile, Ceramic, Terrazzo, Clay Roofing, Limestone, Graphite, Marble, Granite

These blades have fair life and are the economical choice for small jobs or for occasional use.

Item Number Suffix
L indicates a laser-weld continuous rim blade.

This is the standard series general purpose wet tile blades also comes in a premium and supreme grade. Only some sizes are available in upgraded versions so call for pricing and availability.

Diameter Rim
Arbor Item
4" 5mm 5/8"~20mm CR0480S
4.5" 5mm 5/8"~7/8" CR4580S
6" 5mm 5/8" CR0680S
7" 5mm 5/8" CR0780S
8" 5mm 5/8" CR0880S
10" 5mm 5/8" CR1080S