Safely store and transport scaffold frames and braces

Handling is one of the biggest costs in scaffold rental. Now you can slash countless hours loading, unloading and reloading with a Star Industries scaffold transport pallet. Plus, you have the perfect compact storage unit for difficult-to-stack scaffold that you can easily reposition with a forklift when scaffold is in the rental yard waiting for the next job.  

  • Load scaffold into the pallet once at rental yard & deliver the loaded pallet to the job site.
  • The contractor unloads the scaffold
    at the job site and when the job is
    done, repacks the scaffold pallet.
  • You pick up the loaded pallet,
    ready to ship to the next job.


  • Model 930 holds 50 frames (6’6″ x 5’0″) and 100 braces (7′)
  • Features fork loops for proper fork placement when loading pallet onto a truck with a forklift
  • Two anchor points for securing scaffold with strap for transportation
  • Expanded metal deck for sure footing
  • Empty weight 755 lbs
  • Requires 48″ or longer forks and 48″ or wider carriage
  • Picked up from brace side
  • Brace basket and scaffold pins removeable for shipping