Schluter®-SCHIENE is designed to provide edging for tile coverings.

Schluter®-SCHIENE is an edging profile featuring an 87° angle designed to provide effective and attractive edge protection for floor tile coverings that are typically bordered by carpet, at expansion joints, or as decorative edging for stairs.
The profile offers a discreet, minimum reveal which is ideal for creating elegant transitions between floor coverings.
  • Prevents tiles from chipping
  • Ideal for creating transitions on floors
  • Features an approximately 1/8" (3 mm)-wide visible surface for discreet transitions
  • 87° slope to transfer point loads and protect tile edges
  • Anchoring leg is available with a special radius perforation so that the profile can be used to form curves
  • Available in select finishes.

SCHIENE is available in stainless steel, solid brass, aluminum, color-coated aluminum, textured color-coated aluminum, and anodized aluminum.