Turn your forklift into a loader with the Star Industries bucket

The forklift dump bucket installs in minutes and is the perfect solution for loading loose material. No modification to the forklift is required. A hydraulic forklift bucket option is also available.

Manual Self-Dump Buckets

No modifications or hydraulics required. Simply slide the forklift dump bucket on the forks and insert the pins to lock it on. The bucket can be tripped with the handle at the back of the bucket or from the operator’s seat with the remote rope release. Lowering the bucket to the ground resets the bucket for the next load. The safety lock prevents accidental tripping of the bucket release during transport.

Hydraulic Self-Dump Buckets

The Hydraulic forklift bucket provides precise control of the discharge. Hydraulic flow from the forklift is required (hydraulic control valve not included). If the forklift is equipped with a hydraulic side shift, flow from that valve can typically be diverted to the bucket cylinder.

Manual Self-Dump Buckets

Model Width Capacity Weight
1440SD 45” ID ¼ cuyd 420 lbs
1445SD 45” ID ½ cuyd 525 lbs
1472SD 72” ID ¾ cuyd 668 lbs
1484SD 84” ID 1 cuyd 790 lbs

Hydraulic Self-Dump Buckets

Model Width Capacity Weight
1445SDH 45” ID ½ cuyd 600 lbs
1472SDH 72” ID ¾ cuyd 760 lbs
1484SDH 84” ID 1 cuyd 860 lbs

* Specify length, thickness and width of forks when ordering

Bucket in Dump Position

Applies to Manual and Hydraulic

Capacity A B C D
¼ cuyd 57″ 18″ 19″ 60°
½ cuyd 65″ 25″ 23″ 52°
¾ cuyd 65″ 25″ 23″ 52°
1 cuyd 65″ 25″ 23″ 52°

Danger: Do NOT use without installing retaining pins behind the heel of each fork and securing with hairpins or cotter pins. Safety chain(s) must also be used. Wrap chain around a strong part of the fork carriage and secure with locking grab hook.