Semi-Automatic Horizontal Scissor Style Band Saw

Cosen provides a full range of semi-automatic band saws in a wide variety of cutting capacities. These saws exceed many of the standard requirements that operators look for in a band saw machine. With its rigid construction and superior features, Cosen's SH-250R fits into that category. This heavy duty band saw offers precision, efficiency in operation, lower cost per cut, and durability in a demanding production environment. 

SH-250R Features

  • Semi-Automatic Horizontal Scissor Style Band Saw
  • Hydraulic cylinder plus precision ground hinge support
  • Gearbox designed to accept high lateral pressure (no thermal distortion)
  • Adjustable flood coolant system
  • Carbide blade guides and bearing provides additional blade support
  • Variable blade speeds
  • Rigid cast-iron guide arms
  • Cast-iron hydraulic vise 
  • Motor driven, synchronized wire blade brush
  • Adjustable down feed control
  • Saw head automatically raises after each cut
Round Capacity  10" 
Rectangular Capacity (HxW)  10" x 11.8" 
Blade Speed  60Hz: 75, 121, 190, 305 FPM 
Blade Size (LxWxT)  11" x 1" x .035" 
Blade Motor  2 HP 
Coolant Motor  1/8 HP 
Coolant Tank Capacity  10.56 gal 
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  3.96 gal 
Workbed Height  25" 
Weight  1,351 lbs 
Floorspace (LxWxH)  80.8" x 42.2" x 63.7"