Alpha Tools Presents The Silencer VO For Cutting Granite and Quartz

Introducing V/O-CUTTING… this new method of cutting is an alternative method to V-GROOVING when making thicker waterfall edges appear to have only one seam. This application became possible by the introduction of two edge polishing machines, LCV-M-V/O and LCH-V/O, from Marmo Meccanica S.P.A., a well-known, quality stone fabrication machine manufacturer from Italy. Traditionally, V-GROOVING has been the only method of cutting for lamination to make a countertop edges look thicker, without stacking up the strips thus creating multiple seams on the edge. These edge polishing machines come with two spindles at the beginning and at the end of the machine that execute a vertical and a horizontal cut, creating a square profile strip, called an L-BORDER, that is ready to be glued to the slab as the edge. In order to make L-BORDER strip successfully, without breakage and/or chipping, requires a precision blade, so Alpha® designed a specialty blade, called the Silencer VO, for this unique cutting application. The Silencer VO blade comes in a 10" diameter with a laminated silent core that has a 50mm arbor. There are two bond types available: one for the popular granite/quartz surface applications, and one specifically designed for the new sintered slabs such as Dekton®, Lapitec and Neolith, just to name a few. The Silencer VO for Dekton/Porcelain can also be used on various crystallized glass slabs widely available in the US market. The V/O-CUTTING system makes your lamination process easier and faster, and creates an almost invisible seam.

  • Creates An L-BORDER Strip Without Breakage or Chipping
  • Available for Granite/Quartz or Sintered Slab
  • Makes The Lamination Process Easier and Faster
  • Creates An Almost Invisible Seam
  • Reduces Noise Due To A Laminated Silent Core
  • Recommended for Marmo Meccanica, Montresor and Poseidon Machines
  • Free Re-Tipping Service for Life of the Blade

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) Recommended For For Use On
SLW1010D 10" 1.8mm 5,900 50mm Dekton®/Porcelain/Crystallized Glass Marmo/Montresor
SLW107EG 10" 1.8mm 5,900 50mm Granite/Quartz Surfaces Marmo/Montresor
HR10A+ 10" 6.2mm 5,900 50mm Granite/Quartz Surfaces (1/4" Rod) Marmo/Montresor
SLW101PD 10" 1.8mm 5,900 50mm Dekton®/Porcelain/Crystallized Glass Marmo/Poseidon
SLW107PG 10" 1.8mm 5,900 50mm Granite/Quartz Surfaces Marmo/Poseidon