Flexible Protection for Columns & Pillars SkudoBoard COLUMN GUARD is a heavy duty, synthetic, flexible version of SkudoBoard product line that provides superior protection to columns and pillars during construction.

Column Guard protects the surface from damage from splatter, spills, scuff marks, and scratches, carts, supplies and equipment.

The textured surface of Column Guard is water resistant and won’t curl, warp, or unravel – reducing safety hazards on your jobsite.


  • Well suited for protecting columns from jobsite traffic and impact.
  • Far superior to cardboard and plastic protection products.
  • Extremely high impact resistance.
  • Ideal for forklift and material cart protection.
  • Water resistant, approved for exterior us.

Assessment & Suitability

Do not use Column Guard as horizontal protection on unprepared, uneven surfaces, or on freshly placed concrete.

How to Apply

Apply the Column Guard to the surface to be protected (ribbed side against the surface) and secure with a minimum 3” wide strong tape.

For Columns, Skudo recommends at least two roll widths in height (8’).

If applied to Architectural masonry walls as protection, the Column guard can be secured with masonry nails with washers into the mortar joints. The small holes can be repaired after removal. 3M Command strips can also be used, and when removed as recommended by 3M, they will leave no residue on most surfaces.

Dimensions: 4’ x 250’
Square Footage: 1000 sq. ft./roll
Product #BOARD-COLUMN-4×250-220#
Weight: 200 lbs/roll
Thickness: 1/8”
Color: Orange (New Stock Color)

Product Sheet