The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N transport system is specially designed for handling large-format sheets and tiles up to 360 cm long and 160 cm wide.

The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N can be used as a complement to the SLIM CUTTER PLUS, SLAB CUTTER G3 and TC-125 cutting systems and is compatible with the SLAB TROLLEY.
It is made up of a set of two reinforced, retractable and adjustable extruded aluminum guides, and two perpendicular crossbars that increases the robustness and stability of the whole assembly, especially when handling the heaviest pieces.
Thanks to the 6 grey rubber-based vacuum suction cups, the installer can adjust the fixing points, ensuring the handling of the porcelain tiles without fear of the tile surface being marked.
For correct use of the system, the surface of the sheet must be checked that it is clean of dust or other residues.
The set has 4 handles (2 per guide) that can be adjusted and positioned along the entire length of the guide, facilitating and adapting the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N to each project and format.
The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N, by RUBI, incorporates a practical transport bag, equipped with wheels, to facilitate both the handling of the equipment, its storage, and its protection.
The SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N transport system has been designed mainly for handling large format sheets with a thicknesses of 6 mm or more. These materials, in addition to posing a challenge due to their volume (surface), are very heavy, compared to the 3 or 5 mm sheets that, until now, we were used to. The design of the aluminum guides of the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N gives it a maximum load capacity of up to 170 kg.
It is important to note that this load capacity is total, so it cannot be exceeded in any case.
When talking about such high weights, and always bearing in mind that the weight of the transporter itself must be added to the handling, the fact of not exceeding the maximum single-person load should be taken into account. Therefore, in some cases, 3 or 4 operators will be necessary for safe handling.
The vacuum suction pad is a replacement for the RUBI SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N. The use of this spare part makes it possible to replace the vacuum suction cups of the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N, maintaining, at all times, the original maximum load capacity of the system itself.
The vacuum suction cup allows the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N carrier to be attached to any type of surface (smooth, rough or structured). The vacuum suction pad for SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N is sold separately and as a unit.
NOTE: Adding more suction pads to the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY N does not increase the original maximum load of 170 kg.