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SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL CLINICAL PLUS is a low VOC, minimal odor, fast-curing two-part polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea equipped with antimicrobial technology* which remains active for the lifetime of the floor coating, even when damaged or worn.

It is engineered to retain a low viscosity for longer periods of time, allowing for extended working times and better flow. Designed as a coating for use in hospitals, veterinary clinics, and pharmaceutical facilities, it can be used either as a clear sealer or a top coat in seamless multi-build systems including, SPARTACOTE ChipSPARTACOTE Quartz and SPARTACOTE Metallic systems.

SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL CLINICAL PLUS is UV stable and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It is available in either clear or pigment base units which can be tinted with SPARTACOTE Polyaspartic Pigments.

Available colors include: Black, Dark Blue, Tile Red, Bright Green, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, White, Light Beige, Sand Beige, Dark Beige, Light Brown, Safety Yellow and Safety Red. Not recommended for use with Dark Grey pigment. Custom colors are available upon request.