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StatRez® 225

StatRez® 225 is a 3-component, high performance aliphatic polyester urethane floor coating that is electrically active within resistance range requirements for static dissipative or conductive flooring.  It is designed to provide static control properties, which prevent electrostatic damage to electronic products and equipment, limit the ability of personnel to build up a charge on their person and quickly remove a charge on a person or equipment. This coating features high abrasion and scratch resistance, exterior durability, easy soil release and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals.

StatRez® 225 is formulated to meet the static dissipative resistance range of 1 million to 1 billion ohms (1E6-1E9) resistance as tested per ESD Association test method 7.1 when applied over a prime coat or isolation coat of Epoxy 400. The product can meet the conductive resistance range of 25,000 to 1 million ohms (2.5E4-1E6) resistance when used with StatRez® 150 Conductive Primer.

Regardless of the floor’s resistance range, workers interacting with the floor and equipment resting or rolling on the floor must be connected to it by the use of conductive footwear, ESD shoe straps or conductive wheels. This is a requirement for all floors of these types.

Colors & Finishes

  • StatRez® 225 is available in Wheat, Sand, Buff, Adobe, Red Brick, Concrete Gray, Delta Fog, Sterling and Slate


  • 3 Gallon Units
  • 1.5 Gallon Units

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