Steel Carbon Fiber Rodding 1/8" x 3/8" x 330' for granite, marble, all natural stones, Engineered stones and Quartz counter tops

By having the steel rodding completely enclosed in the carbon fiber, there is virtually no chance of rust from the steel, like traditional steel rodding.

This Triple layer granite rodding material produces incredible strength superior to standard steel rodding, without the worry of rust.

Additionally, the Steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding is specifically designed with Multiple groves that run the length of each side of the rodding. These adhesive groves are made to allow maximum locking bond and adhesion to the glue. This adds additional strength to the steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding.

Because the Steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding uses true premium grade fiberglass (not extruded plastic in the shape of rodding) the glue bonds to the fiberglass.

Weha Steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding comes in a 330 ft roll that can fit the Rodding Stand, as well as other manufacturers rodding stands.

This will save a lot of shop space when compared to storing steel rodding in the shop.

How do you cut the Steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding? Bolt cutters work perfect.

Benefits of using Steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding for granite and stone counter tops:

  • Using steel without the side effects of steel
  • Combines Steel, Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiberglass for extreme strength
  • No Rusting
  • Comes in 330' rolls vs having long bars of steel laying in the shop
  • Adhesive groves for stronger glue bond
  • True 8 strand fiberglass
  • Easy UPS shipping
  • Can be used with all counter top materials
  • 1/8" x 3/8" x 330' Rolls
  • Zero waste
  • Cut and install

Where can Steel Carbon Fiberglass Rodding be used?

Rodding has been proven time and time again to strengthen the structural integrity of granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, travartine, limestone, etc.

Rodding has been recommended by most fabricators for granite counter tops, marble counter tops, and most other natural and engineered stone counter top installations. This can be on both sides of sinks and vanities, areas that have more flexible substrates, stove cut outs, blind corners, etc.

One of the huge benefits of rodding granite and stone countertops is that when a stone is broken when a rod has been used (some people can break even an anvil), the counter top stays together. This allows the stone to be repaired with as minimal damage as possible. Without that rod in there, the stone would simply shatter, fall to the floor, potentially damage the floor, and the top is completely ruined.

At list price of $159.00, the Weha Steel Carbon Fiber Rodding only costs $0.48 per foot. Running 4' per sink side, front and back, thats only costs $3.84 per counter top cutout. That is cheap insurance on a top that could cost over $1,000 to refabricate.

This Carbon Fiberglass Rodding works perfect with our rodding stand: