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Tenax Skudo Universal Plus 1 Lt is a strong water based stain protection...Ideal for compact materials and stones that are hard to seal.

Skudo Universal Plus is a strong water-based sealer that provides excellent water-oil stain protection. Does not change the appearance of the material and won't alter the natural breathability of the stone. High capacity of penetration into more compact material allows extra protection Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

FOOD SAFE: Recommended for kitchen counter tops. Meets EC Regulation 10/2011 for food contact.

  • High penetration power
  • Ideal on shiny and compact materials
  • Dries quickly
  • Low VOC emission
  • Can be applied on surfaces that are not completely dry
WARNING: Skudo does not provide anti-etch protection on marble surfaces. Use of acidic substances such as wine, tomato, citrus, coffee, etc. will etch the surface by creating a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate present in marbles. For etching problems please use Etch Remover.