Lift and position filled tote boxes or baskets without the need of a fork truck or lift table using the newly designed heavy-duty Tilt Master

These 90 degree tilters will function as a transporter by moving completed products from work station to work station without waiting for a fork truck.

An ergonomic handle comes standard for quick and easy maneuverability. Unit has a thin profile to allow the user to get as close to the load as possible. Units roll easily on 8" x 3" phenolic steering wheels. Floor lock standard on non PTDS units. Series TM is designed to be used with open bottom pallets or skids only. The Tilt Master Straddle units, series TMS, can be used with virtually any kind of container or pallet. Units come standard with a hand pendant control on an 8 foot coil cord.

Reduce worker fatigue and injury with the Portable Traction Drive Power Option. An alternative to costly fork trucks. This state of the art option allows a single operator to safely and ergonomically transport products. maximum speed is 2.5 m.p.h.

Three power options to choose from:

  • Suffix -AC is 115V, 1 phase power with a push-button hand control.
  • Suffix -DC includes one (1) 12V battery DC series, push-button hand control, on-board charger and battery charge indicator gauge.
  • DC-PTDS includes two (2) 12V batteries, Combination throttle / direction butterfly style controller, an adjustable steering yoke, and an auto reverse emergency 'belly switch'
  • Suffix -DC-FC includes one (1) 12V battery, foot control, on-board charger and battery charge indicator gauge.
  • Suffix -AIR features reciprocating air/oil power with a heel/toe foot treadle control. (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator required)


  • Tilts products from ground level to a comfortable operator working height
  • Doubles as a pallet truck and a portable tilt table

Tilt Master (TM) or Tilt Master Straddle (TMS)?

TM-60-AIR_A.jpg Tilt Master - TM Series
Works With Skids Only

TMS-40-DC_A.jpg Tilt Master Straddle - TMS Series
Works With Skids and Pallets