Twistouch System - Flat Granite Polishing

The Alpha® Twistouch System is a safe and long lasting polishing system that is quick and easy to use. The Twistouch System will increase performance and improve productivity, saving you time and money. The Twistouch Adapter is specially designed to accept Twistouch Turbo and Twistouch Backer Pads, which accept hook and loop backed accessories. The Alpha® Twistouch System has everything necessary for all your hand held polishing needs.

  • A Versatile and Safe Polishing System
  • Quick, Easy and Long Lasting
  • Fits Most Polishers with 5/8"-11 Spindle and Center Water-Feed System
  • Increase Performance and Improve Productivity
  • Available in 3" and 4"
  • Which Accept Hook and Loop Backed Accessories

Part No. Size Maximum RPM Description
TW3BRG 3" 4,000 Twistouch Backer Pad
TW4BRG 4" 4,000 Twistouch Backer Pad
TW3DBM 3" 4,000 Twistouch Double Magic
TW4DBM 4" 4,000 Twistouch Double Magic
TW3BDK 3" 4,000 Backer/Magic Set
TW4BDK 4" 4,000 Backer/Magic Set