8″ Diameter x 30′ electrically conductive ducting with attached bag for easy storage and carrying.

Electrically conductive ducting has carbon impregnated into the PVC coating and has a ground wire that runs the length of the duct.  The ground wire will safely discharge any potential static buildup.  The ducting material has been tested to UL-94 Standard and certified as fire retardant.

The ducting has its own storage bag attached to the cuff end.  Simply attach the cuff end to the air movement device and pull the opposite end from the bag and place into position.  When finished, the hose can easily be put back into the bag for storage and carrying.  Our design allows multiple bags to be combined for long duct runs.  No additional connectors are needed.  The end of one hose can be inserted into the cuff end of another.  All ducting can be placed on either end of an air mover or fan and used for supply or suction.

The 8″ ducting is designed to be used with the TX-3AM, TX-3AMS, TX-3AM-P, & TX-3AMS-P.  It can also be used with the Prime Air 8″ Tornado Blowers.