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Ultracut APR Series

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Ultracut APR Series Flush Cut Blade for iron, pipe, plastics, metals, steel, and masonry

Alpha® Ultracut APR Series combines the high-performance of the Alpha® Ultracut GPM Series with our unique design for flush cutting applications. Unlike other blades, the Ultracut APR Series blade accepts our exclusive Quad Drive Adapter, which eliminates the required lock nut. The Quad Drive Adapter has a threaded arbor that permits mounting on angle grinders for "flush cutting" applications. For a quick and easy solution, use this blade to completely remove anchor bolts, concrete re-bar and pipe from floors and walls. This blade brings accuracy and precision flush cutting to the manufacturing facility or the jobsite.

  • Unique Design for Flush Cutting Applications
  • High-Performance Blade
  • Removes Anchor Bolts, Concrete Re-Bar and Pipe From Floors and Walls
  • Accurate and Precision Flush Cutting At The Manufacturing Facility or The Jobsite
  • Cuts Angle Iron, Pipe, Electrical Conduit, Re-Bar, Metal Stud, Structural Metal, Sheet Metal, Grid, and Stainless Steel, Wood, Plastics, Composite Materials, Masonry and Concrete
  • Accepts Alpha Exclusive Quad Drive Adapter for Mounting On Angle Grinders for "Flush Cutting"
  • Available in 4-1/2", 5" and 7" Sizes

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Type Arbor(s) Threads
APR45QA 4-1/2" 1.7mm 13,200 20mm Quad Drive
APR05QA 5" 1.7mm 12,200 20mm Quad Drive
APR07QA 7" 1.9mm 8,400 20mm Quad Drive
BAH-5/8 Brass Adapter 20mm 5/8"-11
AAH-7/8 Aluminum Adapter 7/8" 5/8"-11
AAH-20 Aluminum Adapter 20mm 5/8"-11