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Weha Bison 5 FT Interlocking Slab Storage Rack Set

by Weha
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Weha Bison Slab Storage Rack for storing bundles and individuals slabs

All Bundle and Slab Racks

The Weha Bison 5 5 Foot Interlocking Slab Storage Rack Set is a continuous locking full slab storage racking system for storing bundle and individual slabs.

2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square tubing ensures strong bundle support.

Each pole comes with a white rubber cap to prevent stone damage.

With the angle brackets welded onto each pole, it becomes fool proof and sets the standard for slab storage safety.

Base rails have male/female built in locking connectors. No extra connectors to keep track of. This allows a continuous storage with no space between sets.

Hot dipped galvanized. No rust ever!

Premium grade European steel used on the complete unit: base rails and poles.

Stout 2" x 2" Galvanized Steel Square Tubing Uprights.

60" tall Poles to reduce slab angle force.

Internal steel reinforcement for extra stability and strength.

Holds up to 9,000 lbs between poles (4500 lbs per pole)

Comes with: 2 5' long base beams 8- 60" uprights with angle brackets.

With the length of only 5', it is much easier to store and ship.

The quality of the Weha Slab Storage Rack system with its angle brackets and safety features are in a class of their own.


Weha Granite Slab Racks are made of premium grade German steel.

The Weha Bison 5 Slab Storage racks are the safest slab racks on the market.

Every 2 x 2 square upright has an angle bracket welded at the bottom. This angle bracket guarantees the correct angle the slab should be set.

This is 100% fool proof. Take the guess work out of the fabricators hands.nds.

As long as the worker sets the bottom of the slab against the angle bracket (see below illustration), the weight load will be distributed correctly and there will never be issues with storing bundles, or improper weight loading on the poles, or the dreaded slab domino!

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