Weha Diamond Hand Polishing Pads work with Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Ceramic, Concrete


Weha Diamond Polishing Hand Pads are preferred to be used wet,even with with just a little water.

Weha Diamond hand polishing pads are excellent for polishing up edges of material that has been profiled.
The 30 and 50 Grit Diamond Hand Pads are aggressive enough to create round overs and light shaping of stone.

Weha Diamond Hand Polishing Pads will remove router bit scratches and saw marks.

Grits 30-400 are Diamond Electroplated Hand Polishing Pads. These shape and polish at a much faster rate. These can be used wet or dry.

Grits 800-Buff are resin bonded diamond hand polishing pads that are designed to bring the stone or concrete up to a high gloss polish. These work very well when used with even a little water.

The Weha Diamond Hand Polishing Pads come with a flexible foam backing that allows the pads to be used straight as well as be formed to the profiled edge that you are working with.

Weha Diamond Hand Polishing Pads are 2" wide x 3 1/2" long for a firm grip for polishing.

For more aggressive lower grit diamonds that create faster work and last longer try the Weha Copper Diamond Hand Polishing Pads.