A scraper blade holder is a component of a scraper blade attachment for a skid steer loader or other construction equipment.

The holder serves as a mounting bracket or frame for the scraper blade, which is typically a long, flat blade that is used for leveling, grading, and other earthmoving tasks.

The scraper blade holder is designed to securely hold the scraper blade in place and provide a means for adjusting the blade's angle and height as needed. Some scraper blade holders are adjustable, allowing for the blade to be positioned at different angles for different tasks, such as cutting ditches or leveling slopes. Others are fixed, providing a stable platform for the blade to operate from.

Scraper blade holders are often made of heavy-duty steel or other durable materials to withstand the rigors of heavy use. They may be designed to fit a specific model of skid steer loader or may be more universal in their compatibility, fitting a range of equipment brands and models.

When choosing a scraper blade holder, it is important to consider the size and weight of the scraper blade, as well as the weight capacity and compatibility of the skid steer loader or other equipment being used. A well-designed and properly installed scraper blade holder can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of earthmoving tasks and help to ensure safety on the job site.