Zenesis™ Polishing Pads for premium wet polishing on granite and stone

Diamond Polishing Pads for engineered stone are also available

ZENESIS™ introduces an unmatched premium 7-step wet polishing pad. Independent testing has shown these new pads to achieve the highest gloss readings after the 3000 grit level when polishing both white and black granite. Our unique design provides these pads with an exceptional lifespan.

  • Removes dull spots, etches, and uneven surfaces quickly
  • Shorter polishing times on the most difficult stone surfaces
  • Better shine (higher gloss reading)

Part No. Description
ZASHP040050A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 50 grit, Blue Backing
ZASHP040100A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 100 grit, Yellow Backing
ZASHP040200A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 200 grit, Orange Backing
ZASHP040400A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 400 grit, Red Backing
ZASHP040800A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 800 grit, Green Backing
ZASHP041500A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 1500 grit, Light Blue Backing
ZASHP043000A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 3000 grit, Brown Backing