Landscaping is an industry that is continue to grow around the world. With new products and designs coming out every year, people are looking to style their property as much, or even more, than the inside of their home. As a result, landscaping companies are seeing more business come through their doors and new competition entering into the market.

Because of these opportunities and challenges, it is crucial that landscaping companies are performing at a very high level when it comes to the quality of work and the time that is takes. Being able to accomplish more quality jobs at a quick pace will allow these contractors to take on more work and increase the size of their companies.

One of the challenges for them is how to increase productivity without sacrificing the quality that their customers pay for. Well, in this blog post we will address 3 construction items that we believe can help any landscaper increase their productivity quite easily.

The short answer is this: If you want to do more with the current labor force you have, you need great equipment to supplement.

Here are 3 pieces of equipment that will specifically help landscaping contractors:


Landscaping requires a lot of material to be moved around, like dirt, gravel, sod, concrete etc. and Power buggies allow you to move large amounts of material quickly. Having your employees move these heavy materials around in a wheelbarrow all day is an option, but it will take more time and energy away from other important tasks.

Many contractors and landscapers use skid steers instead of wheelbarrows, which are definitely helpful in many situations; however, when working on residential projects, a skid steer often won’t fit in many side, and backyards very easily. – This is where a Power Buggy is a huge benefit.


Often landscaping involves cutting stone, bricks, wood and other materials. Different materials will require the use of different diamond blades, and using the proper diamond blade is crucial for maximizing productivity and efficiency.

If the bond is too hard, the blade will end up glazing over and not cutting properly. If it’s too soft, you’ll prematurely wear out your blade.

This may seem like a small thing to pay attention to, but when you're cutting hundreds of pavers every day, it won’t seem like such a small thing; it will end up saving you time, money, and save you the headache of burning through blades too quickly.


Compaction equipment is a key part to many landscaping jobs. Like any piece of equipment, there isn’t a compactor that will do everything in every application a compactor is needed. Each compactor has a specific material and operating range where it is most effective. Investing in the proper compaction equipment, that is most suitable for the type of work you’re doing is vital for achieving the best results effectively and efficiently. With the right compactor you’ll reduce working time, fuel used, and the number of passes needed for a perfectly compacted material.

The material being compacted, and what is being placed on top of the compacted area, are important contributing factors in deciding which compactor you’ll need to use. Without paying attention to this aspect, you could end up running into some trouble with stability, as well as over compacting or under compacting the material.

This is will not only save you time, but it will also ensure that nothing shifts or falls over time.

Quality results are important when competing in an evolving industry, like landscaping. Making sure you have the appropriate materials will not only help you achieve your best work quickly and efficiently, but will help reduce unnecessary costs.