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  • Diaplus Cosmo 3 Step Pads
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The Cosmo 3-Step Diamond Polishing Pad


Thanks to Diaplus technology, Diamond Tool Store has launched our newest and greatest pad with even higher diamond concentration. You will achieve an ultimate polished shine with the Cosmo 3-step Diamond Polishing Pad. Save time, money and achieve the greatest results with this unique 3-step polishing pad. 

Although you will achieve great polish on the Cosmo pad, it will not sacrifice the life. The unique pattern on the Cosmo pad will also allow fabricators to reach into those complex spots.

Do not let the price of these pads contradict the quality. We have engineered this HIGH QUALITY, Made in Korea polishing pad that we are excited to extend this unbeatable price to you to start saving time and money! 

Try our newest Cosmo 3-step Diamond Polishing pad with a money back guarantee. You won’t regret it! 


Wet use only

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