Dia Plus 3 Step Diamond Engineered Stone Polishing Pads for Light and Dark Quartz, Engineered Stone, Light Marble, and Stone.  Dia Plus Pads available in a 3 Step Dark Resin, 3 Step Cosmo, and 7 Step White

Dia Plus 3 Step Premium Pads are specially designed to leave on excellent polish on Engineered Stone. The engineered stone polishing pads leave a great finish and requires less steps and time. These diamond polishing disc are resin bonded white pads and trusted by many fabricators throughout the country.

3 Step white resin bonded polishing pad with high diamond concentration
Start with Step 1 for more coarse diamond polishing and finish with Step 3 for fine polish
Reduce work time with half the steps
Thicker than normal pads which will enhance the life for better results
The most advanced 3 step pad we have seen to date!
Made in Korea


Item # Size Grit Max RPM
DPW3S01 4" Step 1 3000-4500
DPW3S02 4" Step 2 3000-4500
DPW3S03 4" Step 3 3000-4500


For a polishing quartz with a more traditional 7 Step Polishing and try Dia Plus White Pads for Engineered Stone, Quartz, and Light Marbles