4.5 inch Dustless Grab and Go Crack Chaser designed to cut or clean concrete joints

Proudly made in the USA, The Gorilla GCT 4.5" dustless concrete crack chaser is a light weight alternative to crawling on your hands and knees which features excellent blade visibility and maneuverability for chasing cracks. It is safe and easy to operate while standing up so no more crawling around on your hands and knees! The GCT 4.5" crack chaser is made completely from 1/4" thick welded steel, no plastic to break! The one piece handle design gives you a solid feel while operating, and the 2" dust port is excellent for attaching to a vacuum and with the proper CFMs the saw is virtually dust free. The GCT 4.5" is powered by a 8.5A / 120V METABO W9-115 hand grinder which accepts a 4.5" blade that is up to 3/8" wide and can cut up to 3/4" deep.

This Gorilla GCT 4.5" Dustless Concrete Crack is designed to work with a Crack Chaser Diamond Blade.   Gorilla 9 Inch Silverback Joint Saw and 6 Inch Crack Chaser Saw are also available. 


  • Excellent dust control

  • Simple to operate

  • Powder coated finish

  • Gets you off your hands and knees​

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Patented dust control system

  • Blade wrench holder


Power Requirements:  120 volts, 15 amps

Weight: 35 lbs.

Blade sizes: 4.5" maximum

Arbor size: 7/8"

Cutting Depth: 3/4" maximum

Vacuum Requirement:250 CFM minimum

Owners Manual