Weha 4" Aggressor Cup Wheel is a Coarse Flexible Silent Flat Rubber Diamond Cup Wheel 

The Weha 4" Aggressor Rubber Diamond Cup wheel is the latest technology of diamond cup wheels.  Diamond Grinding Tools are available for grinding stone and concrete.

The Weha Aggressor is a rubber based body diamond cup wheel with molded diamond segments imbedded to product an solid, stable, thick diamond cup wheel that is made to rapidly remove stock, shape edges, and smooth the back side of stone for gauging and prelaminating pieces.

Extremely aggressive in cutting, the Aggressor Diamond Cup wheel will remove stock ridiculously fast!

The specialized rubber base absorbs all vibration from the stone, creating a perfectly flat, smooth surface.

This rubber diamond cup wheel absorption creates less user fatigue and less strain on the tool.

The segments are a full 3/8" thick (10mm) of diamond for incredible life.

This makes the Weha Aggressor diamond Cup Wheel one of the thickest and most diamond concentrated cup wheels on the market!

The Weha Aggressor Rubber Diamond Cup Wheel may be used on: Granite, Engineered Stone, Quartz, Marble, all Natural Stones, Concrete, Terrazzo, Etc

The segments are a full 3/8" thick (10mm) of diamond for incredible life

Coarse diamond for stock removal.

The Weha Aggressor Diamond Cup wheel Can be used wet or dry for all types of Natural and Engineered Stones.

5/8-11 thread

Max RPM: 15,300

You can follow this with the Weha medium rubber diamond cup wheel for smoothing and honing.