4" Dry Cut Dekton & Ceramic Blade

Stone fabrication professionals find themselves struggling to cut Dekton®, ceramic and porcelain materials because of the hardness of these materials. These sintered surfaces continue to grow in the market and require tools designed to perform well on them. Tenax has designed this 4" diamond blade to effectively cut through Dekton® surface material. This 4" Dekton dry cut blade from Tenax will enable fabricators to cut Dekton® materials confidentally and will produce a clean straight cut with minimal chipping during the process.

The Tenax 4" Dekton® dry cut blade offers technology that provides fabrication professionals the ability get great cutting performance while working on Dekton® surfaces. The Dekton® dry cut blade is available in the following sizes:


If you have a fabricator that cuts Cosentino® Dekton® surfaces you need to try this blade from Tenax. Here are some of the specifics for the 4" Tenax Dekton Blade:


  1. Designed for Use On Dekton®
  2. Thin Blade for Chip Free Fast Cutting
  3. Rigid Heat Reducing Core
  4. For Wet or Dry Use