Blue Ripper Sr. 5hp Package: Power and Precision Combined Elevate your cutting prowess with the Blue Ripper Sr. 5hp Package, a bundle designed for superior performance.


  • 5hp Blue Ripper Rail Saw
    • Effortlessly handles 4cm stone
    • Cuts 2cm "Absolute Black" granite at a remarkable 10 ft. per MINUTE
    • Simple setup with no need for gauges or shims
    • Lightweight at 68 lbs., easy to maneuver
    • Esteemed by experts for unparalleled performance
  • 14" Arrayed Pattern Blade for Blue Ripper Saw
    • Crafted exclusively for Blue Ripper Saw
    • Array pattern for extended blade life
    • Uniform diamond exposure for impeccable cuts
    • Reduced chipping with 10mm standard segment height


Archon Blade

Archon 2 Blade

Turbo Quartzite Blade

Unlock the potential of the Blue Ripper Sr. 5hp Package and embark on a journey of unmatched cutting precision and power.

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