Blue Ripper Rails 148 inch (12' 4") works with a Blue Ripper Rail Saw

Rails also available in 

Blue Ripper Rails 92inch (7' 8") and Blue Ripper Rails 60inch (5' 0")

This is the strongest rail on the market. Single piece stainless steel design makes for smooth, accurate cuts across the entire length of your stone.

These rails are designed for all Blue Ripper branded machines made by Omega Diamond. You can set up the Blue Ripper Rail on a slab and cut with either the Blue Ripper Sr or the Blue Ripper Jr, then move the rail and switch out for the Blue Ripper Miter Master to cut the perfect mitered edge all on the same rail!

By using the rail system there is no need to use gages, shims or offset measurements. Your rail is your guide. With the rail system you will have the accuracy and smoothness you couldn't get by hand.

Custom lengths, up to 20 ft long, are available - just call for a quote.


Basic Rail

The basic rail is designed to be clamped to the stone using simple C-clamps or external vacuum pods such as the Lockness Vacuum Clamp. Simple and effective, these rails have been in production for over a decade, and many of the original rails are still in use - they are very nearly a lifetime investment!