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9" Hand Cup For Flat Surfaces With Low Vacuum Audio Alarm



  • Fast attach and release
  • Plunger emits an audible warning during vacuum loss
  • Red-line indicator provides user with visual warning of any vacuum loss
  • AAA battery included
  • Supplied with protective carrying case
Model N5450WBP
SKU 91707
Load Capacity 150 lbs [68 kg]
Surface Texture Smooth
Material Porosity Nonporous
Allowable Surface Curvature Flat
Maximum Elevation 5000 ft [1500 m]
Material and Ambient Temperature-Range 10°F [-12° C] up to 120° F [49° C]
Pad Diameter 9" [23 cm]
Pad Model G0725
Rubber Type Standard
Handle Type Metal
Plunger Type Metal

WARNING Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -