Aardwolf Scissor Lifter ASL 105 - Scissor Clamp Lifter for moving multiple slabs or tombstones

The Aardwolf ASL-105 is a lifting clamp made to lift and move stone. It can move marble, granite, and most any type of material or stone. It is equipped with rubber contact pads, the Aardwolf Scissor Clamp Lifters ensure the safe handling of materials. The gravity controlled locking latch allow the clamps to automatically grip and release the load. Aardwolf ASL-105 Scissor Clamp Lifter is for for lifting marble and granite slabs, multi-slabs, tomb stones etc. W.L.L. 1653 LBS. Suitable for lifting marble and granite slabs, tomb stones, concrete barriers, curbs (kerbs) and median walls.

  • Auto locks and unlocks.
  • Vulcanized rubber pads.
  • Protective rubber lined bar prevents chipping of material


Model Grip Range Clamp Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
ASL-105 0 - 4.1" 52.9 lbs 1653 lbs 24 Months
ASL-125 0" - 5" 64 lbs 1653 lbs 24 Months
ASL-200 2" - 7.9" 103.6 lbs 2205 lbs 24 Months
ASL-300 6" - 12" 106 lbs 3307 lbs 24 Months
ASL 450 12" - 18" 187 lbs 4410 lbs 24 Months