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Alpha Ceramica TF

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$30.34 - $121.35
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Create Textured Finishes on Engineered Stone / Quartz Surfaces. Flexible Disc reaches tight corners comfortably!

Alpha® is proud to introduce Ceramica TF designed to eliminate the manual task of abrasive brushing to achieve that textured finish look. Use the sequence of four 4" flexible discs with an undersized rubber backer pad on any wet polisher to effortlessly create a textured edge look on internal corners and sink rims. Ceramica TF is the perfect solution for textured finishes on Engineered Stone/Quartz Surfaces.

  • Create Textured Finishes On Engineered Stone/Quartz Surfaces
  • Extremely Flexible Disc Reaches Tight Corners Comfortably
  • Hook & Loop Backed for Quick Grit Changes
  • Use On Popular Hand-Held Wet Polishers
  • Consistent Performance and A Long Life
  • Use with Undersized Backer Pads for Internal Corners and Sink Rims
  • Available in 4"

Part No. Size Maximum RPM Type Grit Color
TFR4000 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop Pos. 0 Orange
TFR4001 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop Pos. 1 Red
TFR4002 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop Pos. 2 Dark Green
TFR4003 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop Pos. 3 Light Green
TF40KIT 4" 4,000 Hook & Loop 1 each Assortment