Aqua Shield® is a flame retardant, reusable surface protector. The heavy duty rolls are quick and easy to install with the help of Aqua Shield Seam Tape. Designed with a patterned texture, Aqua Shied is slip resistant and leak proof. The heavy duty rolls comes in multiple sizes and thicknesses and protects all types of surfaces during the manufacturing, building and repair processes.

The dust-free protective floor covering is ideal for healthcare facilities, marine and large construction jobs. Quick and easy installation dramatically cuts labor cost. Flame retardant material is available in 10 mil, 25 mil and 40 mil thick options.

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  • Up to 40 mil thickness – forklift and scissor lift strong!
  • Leakproof—ideal for indoor or outdoor projects
  • Quick and easy to install, dramatically cutting labor costs
  • Provides dust-free protection-ideal for healthcare and data centers
  • Flame Retardant tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2
  • Aqua Shield meets requirements for NAVSEA temporary deck covering as outlined in NAVSEA contract

Aqua Shield® Surface Protector

87015 10 mil 1 36″ x 15′ (0.91m x 4.57m)
87100 10 mil 1 36″ x 100′ (0.91m x 30.48m)
87010 10 mil 1 36″ x 393′ (0.91m x 119.79m)
89106 10 mil 1 72″ x 393′ (1.83m x 119.79m)
89186 25 mil 1 36″ x 186′ (0.91m x 56.69m)
89180 25 mil 1 72″ x 180′ (1.83m x 54.86m)
89120 40 mil 1 36″ x 120′ (0.91m x 36.58m)
89140 40 mil 1 72″ x 120′ (1.83m x 36.58m)

Aqua Shield: For temporary use only. Trimaco is not responsible for adhesion issues. Test prior to use. Consult with flooring and/or finish manufacturer to determine if this product is suitable to use prior to curing. Do not use where product cannot be firmly secured to surface. In no event will Trimaco’s aggregate liability exceed the amount paid for this product.