Simex ART is a patented technology specifically designed for the regeneration of bituminous conglomerate which reuses 100% of the material present on site without removing the milled material or adding other materials.

It is used in functional road surface maintenance, at a depth varying between 30 and 100 mm. It does not disrupt traffic flow and ensures immediate road drivability. It also ensures that maintenance lasts for a reasonable amount of time, which allows local authorities to plan road maintenance, with significant benefits in terms of road user safety. 


  • Restoration Of Road Surface Distress Quickly And With Long-Lasting Results
  • ​Dynamic And Smaller Construction Site
  • Money Savings
  • ​No Impact: Pre-Existing Materials Are Reused
  • Use Of Eco-Friendly Materials
  • No Handling Or Management Of Special Materials Or Waste
Width 1000 mm 40 inch
Depth 0-100 mm 0-4 inch
Required oil flow 115-152 l/m 30-40 gpm
Simex does not accept responsibility or liability for the information provided. Technical modifications may vary without prior notice.
These are the standard features, for custom solutions Contact us.