Protect and keep your augers organized

Keep your augers organized and safely stored with a Star Industries Auger Storage Rack. The unique ‘Drop-N-Go’ design stores with the coupler up, allowing your skid steer or mini excavator to place the auger directly on the pallet eliminating the need for manual handling. The ‘Teeth Up’ design allows for augers up to 28” in diameter, easily maintain the bits and move the loaded rack with a forklift.
  • Stores up to 10 augers
  • Individual safety chains secure augers to the pallet
  • Protects augers from accidental damage and operators from handling injuries
  • Unique “Drop-N-Go” design allows your skid-steer or mini-excavator to place the auger directly on the Drop-N-Go Auger Pallet, eliminating heavy handling by hand
  • Stores Augers with all size couplers
  • Single side also available

Coupler Up Auger Rack

Model Capacity
160A-16 Drop-N-Go 48” tall augers
160A-16-42 Drop-N-Go 42” tall augers