Stand-on Grinder That is Great for Barn Grooving

 Diesel Powered


  • Hydrostatic ground drive allow precise speed control
  • Blade shaft raise/lower switch is incorporated in joystick for ease of operation
  • Three-stage engine air intake filter
  • Two lights for night grinding
  • Right and left side operation positions
  • Fuel gauge
  • Digital read-out engine control panel includes tachometer and hour meter

Part # BG24DT4, Catalog # 105126


Engine Deutz 2.2L, 75HP Tier 4-Final, LIquid-Cooled, Turbo Charged, Common Rail Fuel Injeciton System, 4 Cylinder Diesel Engin, Maximum 2600 RPM
Dimensions Length: 64-1/2" (163.83cm), Width: 48-5/8" (123.51cm), Height: 59-1/4" (150.49cm)
Weight 3500 lbs. estimated
Fuel Capacity 20 gallons
Blade Shaft 5" (12.7cm), Diameter with key ways
Blade Capacity Diameter 12" (30.48cm) or 14" (35.56cm)
Blade Shaft RPM Max 1300 RPM
Cutting Width 24: (60.96cm)
Blade Shaft Drive Belt driven
Hydraulics Electric over hydraulic adjustable blade raise/lower
Ground Drive Belt driven hydrostatic ground drive pump
Machine Controls Control lever connected to transmission controls the ground drive and machine rasie/lower functions
Instrumentation Digital engine panel
Electrical 12 volt electrical system