The BMF™ Silent Continous Rim was originally designed for large format porcelains, but this blade covers a wide variety of hard and precious stone materials.

Not only did this blade outperform the number one recommended blade for Dekton® in an independent side-by-side performance test, but it also worked exceptionally well on difficult semi-precious stones and other challenging materials. It is a highly versatile all-around blade for lower HP (less than 20hp) saws that might otherwise struggle with hard materials. The ultra-thin rim combined with tightly butted segments renders a remarkably clean finish in both straight and miter cuts, and the reinforced core keeps the blade from deflecting while cutting.

  • 10mm segments height
  • Cuts Porcelain, Dekton®, Neolith®, Lapitech®, Petrified Wood, Slabs made with Geodes
  • Wet use only

Recommended RPM

Porcelain Slabs:

Straight Cut:

14″ = 2200 RPM @ 4 Feet Per Minute

16″ = 1750 RPM @ 4 Feet Per Minute

Miter Cut:

14″ = 2200 RPM @ 2.5 Feet Per Minute

16″ = 1750 RPM @ 2.5 Feet Per Minute

Thin Rim Reinforced Silent Core Wet Tile and Bridge Saw Blades

Only Professionals need apply…

Faster, Cleaner, Longer….

Applications: Porcelain, Dekton, Neolite


Ultracompact, Ceramic, Dekton, Lapitech®, Neolith®, Porcelain, Slabs made with Geodes


5/8in-7/8in, 5/8in-7/8in-DM, 50mm/60mm, Hub Adaptor


14, 16




Bridge Saw, Circular Saw, Large Angle Grinder, Small Angle Grinder, Tile Saw