Brave Forward Plate Compactor

The Brave 18-in. forward plate compactor is ideal for all general applications including landscaping, creating a subbase for sidewalks, and other small to medium-compaction jobs. This forward compactor delivers approximately 3,372 pounds of centrifugal force, making it perfect for compacting loose, granular soils. This large unit is best used when there are no obstacles to maneuver around.

Features and Benefits

  • Cast-solid, high-strength cast iron base plate
  • Cast iron wear-resistant lubricated vibrator assembly
  • Robust design sealed belt cover
  • Anti-vibration
  • Solid engine frame
  • Transport wheel for easy transportation
  • Water tank for asphalt use
  • Optional polyurethane pad for paving applications

Product Specifications

Equipment Type Plate Compactor
Centrifugal Force KN 15
Displacement 163cc
Dry Weight 198 Lbs
Engine Gx160
Engine Brand Honda
Horsepower 5.5
Plate Size L x W (In.) 22 In. X 18 In.
Travel Speed 78 Ft/min
Vibration Frequency Hz (VPM) 90 Hz (5400 Vpm)

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