Accurate Floor Cutting With Ease

The BSS18H39W Street Saw is perfect for many concrete floor cutting applications. Equipped with a GX390 Honda Engine, it is powerful enough to take on many different applications including trenching with the trenching kit. The Bartell Street Saw helps to provide accurate cuts by being equipped with a depth guide that lets you know how deep you are cutting at all time.


  • Honda GX390 engine for smooth power.
  • 2" wide serpentine belt for optimal power transmission.
  • 8 gallon water tank for dust suppression when cutting dry.
  • Telescopic Push Handle allows the user to raise or lower the handle to the best height.
  • Garden Hose Adapter is designed to connect to a standard garden hose for the added convenience of drawing water from anywhere for efficient wet cutting.
  • The Depth Guide Indicator helps with precise cuts and lets the user know how deep their cutting at all times.
  • Parking brake keeps saw from rolling when unattended.
  • Blade guard can be swapped from right to left side cutting.
  • Optional trenching kit allows the operator to cut a 20" wide pass, perfect for trench cutting or pothole repair.


Maximum Blade Diameter 18" (457mm)
Minimum Blade Diameter 14" (356mm)
Engine Honda GX390
Blade Shaft Diameter 1.25" (31.7mm)
Blade Arbor Diameter 1" (25.4mm)
Max. Blade Shaft Speed 2600rpm
Maximum Cutting Depth (18" [457mm] Blade) 6 5/8" (168mm)
Maximum Cutting Depth (14" [356mm] Blade) 4 5/8" (117mm)
Weight (Dry) 225lbs (102 kg)
Weight (Shipping) 275lbs (125kg)
Height (With Water Tank) 42.3" (107.5cm)
Length 54" (137.7cm)
Width 24.5" (62.3cm)
Cutting Width (Dual Blade) 20.0" (508mm)
Maximum Depth (Dual 14" Blades) 4 5/8" (117mm