IMER / KATO Tracked Transporters are Not Your Average Concrete Buggy

These versatile machines not only haul concrete, they have attachments to mix concrete on-the-go, carry heavy loads, shovel gravel, debris or snow, and lift to dump over 63" high. Gas or Electric models allow you to tackle indoor or outdoor projects, quietly and efficiently.

Load N' Go Small, Versatile Machine
The new Carry 105 mini-dumper is a highly agile and versatile machine, small in size, yet able to handle a large load on all kinds of terrain, including steep gradients. The Carry 105 may be equipped with a wide range of accessories to meet various requirements: skip for construction, self-loading shovel, bed with opening sides.

Electric Version is also available
Model # 5222310101HD

Model # 5222310101HD
​•​• Includes tipping bucket
• Engine w/electric start, Honda Gas Engine 8 hp
105 Self-loading Shovel
Model # 5180301001HD

105 Dump Platform with Opening Sides
​•Model #5180301002HD