CB50E Electric Power Unit can be used with Hydrostress Wall Saws and Wire Saws

Electric Powered

  • 50HP electric motor
  • Heavy duty cage design
  • Four heavy duty wheels for easy moving
  • High pressure power unit
  • Fully adjustable flow control
  • Remote control
  • Can be used with Hydrostress wall saws and wire saws
  • Water-cooled


Hydraulic Flow: 0-22 gpm
Working Pressure: 3900 psi
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 7 gallons
Flow Control: Fully adjustable
Hose: 3/4" x 50'
Quick Disconnects: 3/4"
Dimensions: 56"L x 26"W x 42"H
Motor/Engine Power Power Source With Hose Flow Part Number Catalog Number
50 HP Electric 3/4" x 50' hose 0-22 gpm 4250055 93820

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