CCH25/CCE25 CIRCULAR/PLUNGE WIRE SAW Circular/plunge wire saw 98" Max. Diameter / Electric / Hydraulic

Wire Saws designed to use Diamond Beaded Wire

CCH25 Circular Wire Saw Features/Benefits:

  • Simple and safe in the application
  • Minimum installation time
  • Economical, replaces expensive drill bits
  • Wire sawing instead of drilling opens up new application possibilities.
  • Elliptical shaped cutouts are possible.
  • Simple tensioning of the wire
  • Precise flexible water supply

CCH25 Circular Wire Saw Information:

Minimum Diameter: 20"
Maximum Diameter: 98"
Maximum Thickness: 24"
Wire Requirement: Minimum 11 feet


  • 13-16 GPM Power Pack BS-2 Remote Control Unit


  • Sturdy Design
  • Gentle Wire guidance thanks to plastic guide
  • Optimal water guidance guaranteed
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical cuts
  • Swivel rollers for correct wire guidance
  • Fixed in 10" drilled hole
  • Wire secured by protective plate

Description Part Number Catalog Number
CCH25 Complete Wire Saw with 22 CC Motor 5802240 74442
Remote Control Unit for Hydrostress wall saws 5800112 48601
CCE25 Kit for WSE1217 Circular Wire Saw without Main Motor or Controller/Inverter 5803026 67292