Chicago Pneumatic sinker drills are ideal for a range of drilling applications.

Their streamlined design incorporates smooth contours, a side exhaust and a “flat back” that makes them easy to handle in quarry, mine, drilling and doweling work. The design also provides a main valve and cylinder-porting concept that helps maintain constant drilling speed throughout a long service life. Working parts are continually protected with an effective lubrication system. Standard and silenced versions are available in a range of weights and sizes to fit any requirement.

60-POUND CLASS The CP 0069 is suited for drilling 21 /2” diameter holes 20 feet deep. The heavy-duty CP 0069 sinker is a hard-hitting tool that combines high drilling speed with excellent hole cleaning ability Its trouble-free “beavertail” retainer provides greater front-end durability and increased collar contact to reduce wear.

• Forged steel housings withstand rugged use

• Cushioned piston reduces shock

• Multiposition throttle for easy starting of holes

• Blower lever for deep hole cleaning on CP 0032 and CP 0069

• Integral oiler provides continuous lubrication

• 3 /4” (NPT) air inlet swivel improves maneuverability

• Double-grip handles

• Left hand rotation