Core Drills

Take a CP hydraulic core drill with you when installing drainage, sewer and water pipes, or cable and ventilation ducts where large, deep holes are needed. CP core drills are well suited for drilling concrete, masonry and asphalt materials. They can be operated freehand or mounted in a drill stand.

Hydraulic control of the drill torque helps to reduce kickback when drill bits jam. So you’re in control, even when drilling holes of 8 inches in diameter and above. Due to the compact design of the CP core drill, you can easily drill holes of up to 8 inches freehand.

Water Kit

Diamond blades and core bits need a constant supply of water to cool, flush away slurry and suppress dust. On remote sites where there is no water supply, we recommend the CP water kit, a small pressurized water container. Item number: 3371 8090 02