CNC Oma Finger Bit Red 8 Segment 20mm x 40mm

The OMA CNC Finger Bit is a modified 8 segment cnc fingerbit for granite, marble, engineered stone.

The OMA CNC Finger Bit is designed to run between 16-25" per minute between 5,500-7000 rpm, depending on the stone being used.

The life will be excellent, the wear will be even, and the bit will provide an all around, well performing finger bit on practically all stone that is run through the cnc.

Oma CNC Finger Bit Red for Hard Granite

20mm x 40mm


  • Feed Rate: 16"-25" per minute
  • RPM: 5500-7000
  • 8 segment (4 double segments)
  • Diamond dimensions: 40mm x 20mm x 8 seg