OCM Continuous Mesh Chair (Commercial Grade) metal bar supports are used in commercial concrete projects to support reinforcing steel in elevated concrete decks, footings, slab on metal deck, bridge decks and other applications.

  • Available in heights ranging from 3/4" to 8" in 1/4" increments. Other sizes available by request.
  • Manufactured in 60" Lengths.
  • Manufactured from wire conforming to ASTM A82/82M.
  • OCM Bar Supports meet CRSI Standards and “Buy America”.
OCM Part No. Height Weight lbs Bundle Qty lf
SBU75-P2 3/4" 0.32
SBU100-P2 1" 0.32
SBU150-P2 1-1/2" 0.33
SBU200-P2 2" 0.35
SBU250-P2 2-1/2" 0.37
SBU300-P2 3" 0.39

Comments: Please inquire about domestic and CRSI requirements.