A corner mover allows the user to move and get into spots that would otherwise be impossible.

The three sided unit allows rectangular and square item to be easily maneuvered. A smooth powder coated finish allows for simple handling and provides long lasting surface stability. The attached casters let the user turn in the direction that best suits the current setting.

Corner Mover Dollies
Model Image PDFs Description Overall Size
Uniform Capacity Each (lbs.) Uniform Capacity
Per Set
Net Wt.
Aluminum Construction
CMD-A-200-4PK - Aluminum - Red 9-1/4"x9-1/4"x3.5" 200 800 15
CMD-A-NS-200-4PK - Aluminum Narrow Slot - Red 7-1/8"x8-1/2"x3.5" 200 800 10
Steel Construction
CMD-S-300-4PK - Steel - Red 10-1/4"x10-1/4"x3.5" 300 1200 18

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