Corner Square For Accurately Measuring, Marking, and Cutting Cornes

Alpha® introduces a completely new idea to mark, cut and grind the square corners of glass, tile, stone, steel, plastic and wood - the Alpha® Corner Ruler. This patent pending Corner Ruler makes any application easy and error free. Stone fabricators can use the Corner Ruler in conjunction with a Profiler Z-Series to make a perfect corner every time. Glaziers and tile contractors can mark not only the radius but also cut the corner with a carbide glass cutter or the Alpha® Corner Nipper. Home Builders can mark each corner quickly and easily for a faster preparation time. Each Corner Ruler comes with two radiuses or two 45-degree straight lines, each series has 14 patterns. The complete set of 28 patterns covers all your needs. Each set comes in a stainless steel case for organization.Prevent errors by doing it right the first time with the Alpha® Corner Rulers.

  • Mark, Cut and Grind The Square Corners of Glass, Tile, Stone, Steel, Plastic and Wood
  • Sets Comes with Either Two Radiuses or Two 45-Degree Straight Lines
  • Makes for Quick and Easy Preparation Time
  • Sets Come in A Stainless Steel Case for Organization

Part No. Description
CRR1075 Ruler Radius 3/8"+3"
CRR1570 Ruler Radius 5/8"+2-3/4"
CRR2065 Ruler Radius 3/4"+2-5/8"
CRR2560 Ruler Radius 1"+2-1/2"
CRR3055 Ruler Radius 1-1/4"+2-3/8"
CRR3550 Ruler Radius 1-3/8"+2"
CRR4045 Ruler Radius 1-1/2"+1-3/4"
CRRSET7 Ruler Radius Set w/Case
CRS1075 Ruler Straight 3/8"+3"
CRS1570 Ruler Straight 5/8"+2-3/4"
CRS2065 Ruler Straight 3/4"+2-5/8"
CRS2560 Ruler Straight 1"+2-1/2"
CRS3055 Ruler Straight 1/4"+2-3/8"
CRS3550 Ruler Straight 1-3/8"+2"
CRS4045 Ruler Straight 1/2"+1-3/4"
CRSSET7 Ruler Straight w/Case
CRSET14 Ruler Combo Set