Designed to reduce the volume of aggregates and reinforced concrete directly on site, CB crusher buckets with rotor system give optimal performance when working with iron, rock, soil and deformable parts, and wet or humid materials.

Ideal for crushing reinforced concrete and demolition waste. The exceptional cutting force allows any material to be crushed thanks to the rotor with teeth activated by high-displacement radial piston hydraulic motors in direct drive.  Automatic system inverts rotation of the drum in case of blocking (Simex patent). Mounting bracket for attachment to prime mover is height-adjustable to ensure that when the skid steer loader is in a resting position with arms lowered, the bucket is close to the ground, essential for guaranteeing cabin opening and that coupling and decoupling are carried out in safety.


  • Low Noise Output
  • High Cutting Force
  • High Productivity
  • Lightweight Frame
  • No Vibrations
  • Quick Teeth Replacement
  • Safe Coupling And Decoupling 
  • Replaceable Blades Interchangeable For Spoil Piece Size Change

CB 900

Width 1400 mm 55 inch
Bucket capacity (SAE) 0,30 m3 0,40 y3
Operating weight empty 570 kg 1250 lbs

CB 1200

Width 1500 mm 60 inch
Bucket capacity (SAE) 0,45 m3 0,60 y3
Operating weight empty 760 kg 1670 lbs

CB 1500

Width 1700 mm 67 inch
Bucket capacity (SAE) 0,55 m3 0,70 y3
Operating weight empty 950 kg 2090 lbs

CB 2000

Width 1900 mm 75 inch
Bucket capacity (SAE) 0,75 m3 1,0 y3
Operating weight empty 1150 kg 2530 lbs
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