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Dia Plus 4" Resin Filled T Segmented Cup Wheel for Stone and Concrete

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4 Inch Resin Filled Grinding Wheel designed for smooth, bounce free grinding of granite, stone, and can be even be used on concrete.

Available in 3 steps or grits; course, medium, and fine

Diaplus Resin Filled T Cup Wheel is designed with a special resin pattern for top end performance. This pattern promotes a balanced cup wheel with chip free, fast, smooth, bounce free, aggressive grinding. These 4" diamond grinding cup wheels are the new edition to yesteryear traditional cup wheels. Used for grinding stone, granite, marble, and more.


  • Resin filled cup wheel designed to perform with no vibration or chipping - perfect balance
  • Extra diamond concentration allows for long life
  • Ideal for granite, marble and all natural stones to grind and hone
  • Specially design pattern on cup wheel allow for stock removal as well

Specifications for 4" Cup Wheel

Item# Size Thread Max RPMS
DPRCWT4C/M/F 4" 5/8-11 12000